Relieve Tooth Pain Through the Benefits of Cloves

The benefits of cloves are not only used as a cooking ingredient, but are also traditionally used as a medicine for stomach ache and cough with phlegm. In addition, clove is also often used as a treatment in dealing with toothache, even since centuries ago. One of Indonesia's original spices contains the active ingredient eugenol which functions as a natural pain reliever. Therefore, applying clove oil to a tooth that hurts might reduce the pain. At least this step can be tried as first aid until you see a dentist. How Can Cloves Help Overcome Tooth Pain In general, tooth decay can be caused by food debris stuck between your teeth. The remnants of food stuck in between the teeth will gradually accumulate and cause plaque on the teeth. As a result, tooth decay can occur. Usually, the initial symptoms of tooth decay are characterized by pain when consuming sweet foods, and hot or cold drinks. Some studies reveal, clove oil contains eugenol compounds that can relieve toothache
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